"resSet":[ { "results":[ { "res":{ "url":"http://lakecountyfl.gov/documents/information_technology/it_service_catalog.pdf", "title":"IT Services Catalog", "snippet":"extra devices, charges, holsters, car chargers must be provided by each department. • VX Tracker call tracing Service Level Expectation Telecommunications will provide wireless support with the wireless provider for all telephone needs. Metrics and Measures Total customer feedback is the single measurement provided. Value Offering a single source for all wireless phone needs including tech support, helps to maintain control and save money. Related • Website – phones.lakecountyfl.gov • Wireless ", "meta":{ } } }], "resStart":"0", "resEnd":"1", "total":"1", "ResultsAreRespells":"0" } ], "time" : "0.001318"