"resSet":[ { "results":[ { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/community_services/veterans_services/healthcare_services.pdf", "title":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/community_services/veterans_services/healthcare_services.pdf", "snippet":"the annually adjusted financial thresholds. Veterans who decline to disclose their information or have income above the thresholds must agree to pay copayments in order to receive certain health benefits, effectively placing them in Priority 1 Group 8. Currently, the VA is not enrolling new applicants who decline to provide financial information unless they have a special eligibility factor. This financial assessment includes all household income and net worth including Social Security, retirement pay, ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/procurementdocuments/19-0914_attachment3.pdf", "title":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/procurementdocuments/19-0914_attachment3.pdf", "snippet":"services contract over the threshold amount provided in Section 287.017, Florida Statutes for CATEGORY FOUR, the Consultant must execute this Certificate and include it with the submittal of its proposal or as prescribed in the solicitation. 2. The Consultant hereby certifies, covenants, and warrants that wage rates and other factual unit costs supporting the compensation for this project are accurate, complete, and current at the time of contracting. 3. The Consultant further agrees that the original ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/procurementdocuments/19-0926_08710-finishhardware_rev050819.pdf", "title":"SECTION 08710", "snippet":"Holders Rixson-Firemark Glynn-Johnson 8. Thresholds, Drip Caps, Weatherstrip, Door Seals Pemko Manufacturing National Guard, Zero 2.02 FINISH OF HARDWARE: A. 2.03 2.04 2.05 The basic finish of hardware shall be US26D satin chrome. Protection plates, door pulls, pull plates, wall bumpers, and other hardware as listed in the hardware schedule shall be US32D satin stainless steel. Door closers shall be sprayed aluminum lacquer or enamel to match. HINGES AND PIVOTS: A. Exterior butts shall be solid stainless ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/procurement/lcbcc_local_preference_policy.pdf", "title":"Letter Template - Department (Color)", "snippet":"that county's preference percentage threshold will be applied to the lowest priced Lake County local vendor. If such application causes the Lake County vendor to be eligible for award, the Lake County vendor may secure the award by matching the outof-county vendor's original pricing. (b) For purposes of this section, a “Lake County local vendor” is a local vendor whose business has as its primary, or a significant, physical location in Lake County at which employees are located and business is ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/growth_management/building_services/bf24_commercial_plan_guidelines.pdf", "title":"Commercial & Multi-Family Development: Plan Submittal Guidelines (BF24)", "snippet":" FBC Table 500 _____ Threshold building designation (if applicable) _____ Proposed square footages of building footprint, floors, covered entries/porches _____ When applicable, a statement that the site and building(s) comply with Fair Housing Act _____ Any other information helpful to the permitting/inspection process Elevations _____ All sides of structure shown with heights at each level _____ Roof structure heights (chimneys, steeples, parapets, penthouses, etc.) Floor Plan _____ Occupancy use of each ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/procurementdocuments/19-0926_addendumno.2withattachments.pdf", "title":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/procurementdocuments/19-0926_addendumno.2withattachments.pdf", "snippet":"tile. a. Georgia Marble Threshold b. Schluter Transition material c. Resilient Material A16. Schluter Transition Material. Q17. Base Tile – Please confirm ceramic cove base tile is used as mentioned in finish schedule. A17. Confirmed. Q18. The building plans call out 6X6, 8X8, 4X14, etc. beams and posts. What specie do I need to price out? A18. Southern Yellow Pine #2 or better. Q19. Sheet 4A3.1 Detail 1, what are the limits of the sealed concrete outside the building? A19. The exterior concrete is not ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/growth_management/impact_fees/impact_fee_rate_studies/lc_transportation_impact_fee_analysis_southbenefitdistrict_2013_08.pdf", "title":"Transportation Impact Fee Analysis: South Benefit District", "snippet":"benefit district. If this threshold can be shown to be met, it will provide a solid basis for assessing new development in the South benefit district higher transportation impact fees than in the other two benefit districts. It would provide strong support for the concept that the new development in the district is the primary beneficiary of the improvements to be funded by the higher fees. Providing this analysis is the purpose of this project. Methodology The Lake-Sumter MPO’s 2035 Needs Network was u ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/scripts/chosen/chosen.jquery.min.js", "title":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/scripts/chosen/chosen.jquery.min.js", "snippet":"", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/procurementdocuments/19-0702_attachment3emstechnicalspecifications.pdf", "title":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/procurementdocuments/19-0702_attachment3emstechnicalspecifications.pdf", "snippet":" deep) roll-up |-- Rear Threshold: |-- Stainless, 6\" Wide x Full Width at rear doors |-- Install safety yellow nonskid tape with diagonal stripes over the threshold |-- C/S Stepwell Threshold: |-- Polished Diamond Plate Comply: Exception: ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ CT03: Cot Mount ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/procurementdocuments/19-0702_attachment4firetechnicalspecifications.pdf", "title":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/procurementdocuments/19-0702_attachment4firetechnicalspecifications.pdf", "snippet":" deep) roll-up |-- Rear Threshold: |-- Stainless, 6\" Wide x Full Width at rear doors |-- Install safety yellow nonskid tape with diagonal stripes over the threshold |-- C/S Stepwell Threshold: Technical Specs 12 |-- Polished Diamond Plate Comply: Exception: ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ", "meta":{ } } }], "resStart":"0", "resEnd":"10", "total":"84", "ResultsAreRespells":"0" } ], "time" : "0.001311"