"resSet":[ { "results":[ { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/news_releases/news_release.aspx?id=3432", "title":"Press Release: Three Florida counties selected for Duke Energy's 2019 Site Readiness Program that spurs economic development and jobs ", "snippet":"spurs economic development and jobs Select an Agency, Department, or Office Need help? Try this. How do I...   Calendar : Directory of Services : Online Services : Contact Us : ADA & Nondiscrimination : Register : Login You are here: Home > News Releases > News Release   ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/community_services/cdbg/amendment_submission_template.pdf", "title":"CDBG-R Submission Template and Checklist", "snippet":" by: Preserving and creating jobs and promoting economic recovery; Assisting those most impacted by the recession; Providing investment needed to increase economic efficiency; Investing in transportation, environmental protection, or other infrastructure that will provide long-term economic benefits; Minimizing or avoiding reductions in essential services; or Fostering energy independence. (3) Jobs Created: (Report the number of full- and part-time jobs estimated to be created and retained by the activity ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/growth_management/planning_and_community_design/agendas/012814_sector_plan_flyer.pdf", "title":"Sector Plan Flyer", "snippet":"• Tier 1; most jobs • Tier 2; 1.5 to 1 Ratio • Tier 3; least jobs • Tier 4; public lands TIER 1 TIER 2 TIER 3 TIER 4 FUTURE LAND USE MAP WELLNESS WAY SECTOR PLAN SCALE IN FEET SIMPLE 0’ FLEXIBLE PREDICTABLE 2000’ N 4000’ The plan is based upon reserving ample land to achieve at least a 1.5 to 1 Jobs-to-Housing Ratio (JTHR). Tier 1 designation is adjacent to US 27 and has the highest JTHR. Tier 2 designation is located adjacent the proposed primary roadways and Tier 3 (with the lowest JTHR) i ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/soc_2003/november_rgb.pdf", "title":"November_RGB.pmd", "snippet":"Visitors to Lake County Jobs drive a healthy economy and improve our employment climate. In 2003, Lake County awarded monetary incentives to six companies who relocated to or expanded within the county, November S u n d ay Monday 1 Tuesday 2 Wednesday 3 Thursday 4 Friday adding 274 new high paying jobs to our employment base. Our economic development efforts result in expanded job choices for our residents. Through economic diversification and growth, job opportunities expand, employment rates remain hea ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/growthmanagementdocuments/wellness_way_sector_plan/102213_bcc_workshop_agenda_packet.pdf", "title":"PowerPoint Presentation", "snippet":"County Population (2013) 310,900 Jobs (2013) 82,000 Average Earnings (2013) $40,100 • Over 735,000 new jobs anticipated in the MSA through 2040. • MSA Top‐5 industry sectors anticipated growth through 2040: – Professional and Business Services 290,000+ new jobs – Educational and Health Services 94,000+ new jobs – Transportation, Trade & Utilities 82,000+ new jobs – Leisure and Hospitality 81,000+ new jobs – Construction and Other Industrial Uses 74,000+ new jobs Overview Background Public ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/offices/planning_and_zoning/impact_fees/commercial_impact_fees/deferral_application.aspx", "title":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/offices/planning_and_zoning/impact_fees/commercial_impact_fees/deferral_application.aspx", "snippet":" How many new full-time jobs will be created during the next 12 months? * Current total number of employees: * Estimated average salary/wage level of new jobs: * Description of benefit package: * Estimated annual local purchases (excluding new equipment): * Estimated amount of Transportation impact fee: * Estimated amount of Fire impact fee: * List of positions: * Home : Visitors : Residents : ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/sotc_2007/lcbcc_ar07_lswcd_egt_es_ptd.pdf", "title":"Lake County Annual Report 2007 - A Picture of Success", "snippet":"systems and recommends enhancements jobs to Lake County. Staff also processed the application and approval of the and efficiencies to save water and money. Using technologically advanced tools, such agreement to defer payment of transportation impact fees for an ambulatory surgery as a soil-moisture probe, the lab completed evaluations for about 1,100 acres during facility located in the Town of Lady Lake. In April 2007, the Department coordinated this past fiscal year for an instant water savings of near ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/growthmanagementdocuments/wellness_way_sector_plan/102213/comment_pacific_ace_coporation_2.pdf", "title":"Professional Letter", "snippet":" This is not rational; jobs will certainly occur elsewhere in the County, and therefore, the amount of land allocated to employment uses within the WWSP area is excessive.  This excess is exacerbated by the fact that the projected intensity for these new jobs is based upon the current “sprawl” model of existing development rather than the compact growth that the WWSP wishes to accomplish. The result of these two decisions is that a) “bits and pieces” of employment type uses will occur ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/pdfs/soc_2003/commissioners_rgb.pdf", "title":"Commissioners_RGB.pmd", "snippet":"progress. 274 new high-paying jobs were brought to our County through our jobs growth development program, and various sports events held throughout the county stimulated our already sound economy. Ultimately, the success of Lake County reflects the spirit of the citizens as well as the talent of our dedicated employees. We have enjoyed overwhelming public support in addressing the most critical needs of our county: transportation and public safety. In turn, our staff has worked feverishly to improve our ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"https://lakecountyfl.gov/offices/human_resources_and_risk_management/finances/", "title":"Finances - Human Resources", "snippet":" Career     Jobs & Careers     Lake University     Performance Management Health Contact the Office of Human Resources & Risk Management General Information Lake County BCC 315 West Main St. P.O. Box 7800 Tavares, Florida 32778 Disclaimer : Contact Us  Finances Finances Update W4 Information     Home : Visitors : Residents : Business : ", "meta":{ } } }], "resStart":"0", "resEnd":"10", "total":"225", "ResultsAreRespells":"0" } ], "time" : "0.000263"